Photos from us and you!

First up - the outside. Pretty sure you have seen this before.
You are facing East-Northeast along Wallace Street (named after William Henson Wallace). More...
In 1861 Wallace was appointed governor of Washington Territory by President Lincoln,
but was also elected the territory's delegate to the United States House of Representatives
and never took office as governor. He was the first Republican chosen for those roles in
Washington Territory. Wallace served a single term representing Washington Territory in the House.
During his term, he got Congress to establish Idaho as a territory. Shortly after his term expired in
March 1863, Lincoln appointed Wallace governor of the new Idaho Territory and he took office July 10, 1863.
This was little over 3 weeks after the town of Varina was formed. It was named after the wife of Jefferson
Davis, the President of the Conferderate States of America. In a 'Northern state', it was considered
'inappropriate' by a Connecticut judge (G. G. Bissell) and recorded it as Virginia City.
Wallace designated Lewiston as the territory's capital and arrived there in July. Later that year,
Wallace was elected as the delegate from Idaho Territory and again vacated his gubernatorial appointment
to serve in the House.
Wallace was reputedly one of several people who turned down an invitation from Lincoln to
accompany him to Ford's Theatre on the night Lincoln was assassinated.

Ah - the interior. Just look at that ceiling. And all those pictures! More...
The door straight ahead is the kitchen... you know where the food comes from.
Behind the blue curtains is the door to the patio and across from that is the door
into the Pioneer Bar where the bathrooms are in the back and to the right.
You can buy your 'adult' refreshments in the Pioneer and bring them back to the cafe
or the patio.
The large frame contains about 100 different styles of barbed wire used in Montana.
We are an 'electic' crew and our 'Employee of the Month' has his likeness over the kitchen door.

The front from street level - and that's about 18 to 20 inches below the sidewalk. More...
You can see the outside entrance to the patio with its Gazebo. A real favorite with travellers,
especially those with friends of a different species.
If you have limited mobility, you can access the sidewalk from road level at the driveway,
(You can just see it past the sandwich board sign), and enter through the front door(smaller step).

Another shot of the front, this time from sidewalk level. Nice pick-up! More...
And it has a 5th wheel trailer! You can make out the Historical Museum across the street.
Much better shot of the driveway to reach the sidewalk. Parking is for employees however.
But the two things this photo was taken for were the sign - you can just make out it says:
Virginia City Cafe - Come and Get It
and the little garden next to the patio. It is so pretty during the summer.

Oh boy - the Gazebo! More...
It doesn't rain in Montana! The wind doesn't blow in Montana!
The roof is for the sun - no really! And the fence is for privacy! That's my story and I'm sticking to it!
The Gazebo has a center table that will seat eight so it's nice for larger groups. But there is only the one.
If the center trable is full, there is also an eight and six seater in the Pioneer Bar at the front.
There are six tables that can seat four placed around the railing and two smaller tables for two.
If you have a friend of another species, use the outdoor entrance
and they can sit outside the Gazebo railing on a short leash.
We don't want them getting stepped on or tripping the staff. Ask for a bowl of water if they need it.